The Padres’ Mark Schaeffer: On the Outside Looking In

January 21, 2018

Santa Monica has produced some outstanding ballplayers. The late Dan Quisenberry, the relief pitcher for the Kansas City Royals. The great Dwight “Dewey” Evans, the strong-armed right fielder for the Boston Red Sox. Tim Leary, the starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Current New York Mets pitcher Robert Gsellman. And Pete O’Brien, the first baseman for the Texas Ranger and Seattle Mariners. All of them, and their loved ones,…


San Diego’s John Balaz One of 500 Retirees w/o an MLB Pension

January 9, 2018

San Diego’s John Balaz is one of 500 retirees w/o an MLB pension. A native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada who attended Point Loma High School and later, San Diego Community College, Balaz, who turned 68 last year, was an outfielder who spent parts of the 1974 and 1975 seasons with the California Angels and the 1976 season in the Red Sox’ organization. He also spent part of the 1977 season…


Tell Tony Clark to Do What is Right Once and For All

December 19, 2017

If the friends and loved ones of Dolores Glynn are reading this, please let them know how sorry I am. Now I have no idea whether Dolores Glynn, who once served as the secretary to Buzzie Bavasi, the former president of the San Diego Padres, is still alive. But I do know that her late husband Bill died four years ago, at 91. If the name rings a bell, it’s…


Former Padres Not Being Helped by MLB

November 30, 2017

Any San Diego Padre fans remember Bill Laxton? A pitcher who spent parts of the 1971 and 1974 seasons with the Padres, Laxton turns 70 in January 2018. How about Jim Wilhelm?  An outfielder who played for the Padres during parts of the 1978 and 1979 seasons, Mr. Wilhelm appeared in 49 games during his career. He came up to bat 122 times and collected 32 hits, including six doubles and three triples. He scored 10 runs…


How MLB Turned Its Back on Al Severinsen and Rich Troedson

November 20, 2017

Major League Baseball (MLB) and the union representing its current players, the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), are anti-family. What other conclusion can you draw from the fact that widows and loved ones of dead players who were not vested in the league pension plan are not receiving the monies their late husbands were awarded in April 2011? The loved ones of the late Al Severinsen know what I’m…


Looking For Kindness and Finding It in Scottsdale- The Story Of Former Padre Garry Jestadt

November 15, 2017

Former major leaguer Garry Arthur Jestadt is a partner at Scottsdale Investment Management in Scottsdale, Arizona. The 70-year-old played with the Montreal Expos in 1969, the Chicago Cubs, and San Diego Padres in 1971 and 1972. A graduate of Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, California, Mr. Jestadt is one of 500 retirees w/o an MLB pension. As I’ve indicated in past posts, the 500 retirees do not receive MLB pensions…


“The MLBPA is a Soul-Crushing Industry” The Story of Former Padre Dave Hilton

November 13, 2017

Labor unions were formed to help the working men and women of this country. They advocate for the interests of all the working men and working women who pay taxes in this country, who contribute to the economy, who try to do right by their families. There’s one union, however, that couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the working men and women of this country — the Major League Baseball…


Why Doesn’t Retired Padres’ Infielder Mike Champion Receive a MLB Pension?

November 12, 2017

In three seasons with the San Diego Padres, from 1976-1978, Mike Champion appeared in 193 games, scored 42 runs, came up to bat 598 times, collected 137 hits, including 16 doubles, eight triples, two home runs, and had 49 runs batted in. A native of Montgomery, Alabama, Robert Michael Champion attended Foothill High School, in Santa Ana, California. He turned 62 this past February. Champion and 500 other men are…