A Look Back at the 1998 San Diego Padres

October 10, 2017

As I sit here watching the beginning of the 2017 postseason, I long to see the San Diego Padres in the playoffs again. I am reminded of when I was a young child during the celebrated playoff run of 1998. The city of San Diego was alive. Jack Murphy Stadium was filled every night. They averaged north of 31,000 per game at the ballpark that season. 1998 was a fun…


Padres Special: 1998 National League Champion San Diego Padres Remembered

May 30, 2015

The 1998 San Diego Padres were a team that brought much joy to the city of San Diego. Their success came at the right time, as the city was in the midst of a battle over a potential new ballpark for the Padres. Keep the Faith was the slogan given to the fans by Larry Luchino and team executives. The Padres had brief appearance in the 2006 playoffs, losing to…


Padres Special: Friar of the Past Damian Jackson

May 7, 2015

Occasionally here at East Village Times we would like to take the time to remember San Diego Padres players of the past. These players from years past are always close to our hearts, even though they are out of our brain for most part. Let us take a look at the playing career of Damian Jackson now. A Padres player who was personally one of my favorites, for the speed and enthusiasm he…