The Best & Worst Free Agent Signings in Padres’ History

February 2, 2018

The Major League Baseball “Hot Stove” seems to be in a deep freeze (unless you are in Milwaukee), as many free agents remain unsigned. This includes one Eric Hosmer. I am not going to dive into that as that dead horse (no offense to Mr. Hosmer, I mean the subject) has been beaten over and over again. Instead, let’s look back on Padres’ history to see where things have gone…


Padres Special: This Day in Padres History (Three Trades & Big Signing)

December 8, 2015

The San Diego Padres history is very deep and on this day in history the team pulled off three separate trades and also made one of the biggest signings in teams history. 17 different players changed hands on this date in Padres history (December 8th). The first two trades are for the very old school fans out there and the last trade was a little controversial at the time. Any…