PNO (Positives, Negatives, Outlook) Wil Myers

October 11, 2017

The 2017 Padres season, in a way, was better than expected. While the Padres posted an unimpressive record of 71-91, this year’s campaign was full of excitement in the form of young, talented players performing well and giving the fans hope for the future. While countless writers and analysts virtually confirmed that the Padres would not win more than 50-60 games at the maximum, the team exceeded expectations while also…


Attempting to Solve Wil Myers’ Slump

June 19, 2017

  Baseball is a game of inches. One inch here or one inch there can make or break a player. If a pitcher misses his location just barely, a strikeout could turn into a three-run home run. If a batter swings just a fraction of an inch in the wrong direction, he could miss the ball completely. Given how small-scale baseball can be, players are required to make constant micro-adjustments…


Wil Myers: What To Make Of His Tough May

June 11, 2017

Wil Myers is the Padres’ best player. I don’t think there is too much debate about that. The Padres believe in Wil… so much so that this off-season they dedicated six-years/$83 million dollars to him; notably a huge contract in terms of Padres standards. Myers started off the season hitting everything hard. He was peppering balls all around the yard during spring training. In March and April, Wil hit .310,…