Chargers Quickly Becoming the Laughing-Stock of the NFL

October 7, 2017

Thanks Dean. We really appreciate how you have taken one of San Diego’s prized jewels and turned them into a circus act in Los Angeles. No, I take that back. A circus has organization and is a well-oiled machine that takes numerous competent individuals to run it successfully. The Chargers are more like a freak show now. That is the simple truth. Renting a stadium, in a market where you…


Chargers Editorial: Home Field (Dis)Advantage

November 15, 2015

Although San Diego Chargers season tickets reached a 7-year high in 2015, this past Monday night at Qualcomm stadium sounded more like a home game for the Chicago Bears than for our Bolts. Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker and current ESPN NFL analyst, Ray Lewis, really drove that point home on the post-game show.  He pointed out things that so many others have in the past regarding Charger fans consisting mostly…