Why Does Ron Fowler HATE the Color Brown?

January 28, 2017

In a stadium full of various sports fans, a San Diego Padres’ supporter wearing old-school brown merchandise will always stick out. But yet, seemingly every year, Padres management remakes the jerseys with a stale boring look. A once unique franchise now resembles that of dozens of professional sports teams with the blue and white color scheme. It’s not the color blue and white that is the issue, it’s the fact…


The Curious Case of the 2017 San Diego Padres

January 8, 2017

  Spring training is just around the corner for the 2017 San Diego Padres along with the rest of the other 29 Major League Baseball clubs. In this article, I have some things about the 2017 San Diego Padres that I would like to think out loud about. This is an article that is 100% reliant on my thoughts and opinions rather than statistical analysis, so be forewarned! The Curious…


Padres Unveil New Uniforms for 2017 & Fans Cringe

November 22, 2016

Let me start this piece off by stating that my first priority with the San Diego Padres will always be the product on the field. I am one who was never too concerned with bringing back the brown (although I would like that), and I also came to the Padres’ defense multiple times when they moved the retired numbers. Things like this are trivial, and ultimately, the product on the…


Padres Editorial: Six Games, Five Different Jerseys- Where’s the Tradition?

April 12, 2016

When you look at the 47-year history of the San Diego Padres you see a franchise that has always struggled to build a feeling of tradition. If you could put your finger on one particular problem that has crippled the team, it’s been their ability to cultivate a sense of history. From the trade of Dave Winfield to the teams lack of interest in re-signing Justin Upton this past season,…