Current San Diego Padres’ Minor Leaguers Who Had a Padre in MLB

June 17, 2018

Look throughout the history of Major League Baseball and you’ll see that the game is littered with father-son duos in which both played on a big league diamond at some point in their life. The Alomar’s, the Griffey’s, the Gwynn’s, and the Bonds’ are just a few of the duos that have graced multiple generations with their athletic prowess. The Padres’ organization currently has several second generation players in it,…


An Early Padres’ Trade Deadline Preview

June 7, 2018

With the rebuild fully underway, the San Diego Padres are in the midst of yet another noncompetitive season. Despite the overall record at this point, the 25 man roster does still have several guys turning in solid performances who could be had by teams in the playoff hunt come the July 31st trade deadline. We’ll take a look at those names and some potential trade partners that could arise over…