The Troubled Talent That Was Eric Show

March 16, 2018

Credit: AP Photo Of all the players who have worn a Padres’ uniform, one of the more prominent players talked about the least is Eric Show. The reason for the lack of attention given to Show could be due to his life outside baseball. He was a controversial figure, often viewed today as a tortured soul who struggled with drug addiction and the remnants of a childhood filled with emotional,…


“Why I am Thankful for the San Diego Padres”

November 23, 2017

In this day of giving thanks for everything we have in life, it is time to recognize the little things, like our beloved sports teams. The Padres are responsible for many heartaches throughout their existence in San Diego. They have failed to bring a championship to America’s Finest City, but we still support them with hope of one day hoisting a World Title trophy. It shall happen one day. I…


Goose Gossage Signed on This Date in 1984 by Padres

January 6, 2017

  The history of the San Diego Padres was forever changed on this date 23 years ago, as the team signed free agent Rich “Goose” Gossage. On January 6th 1984, the San Diego Padres won the sweepstakes for the ace reliever. Although the Padres did not offer the most money or service years, the veteran reliever wanted a chance to help guide a developing franchise. He chose the Padres. Gossage…