San Diego Padres Minor League News and Notes

March 23, 2018

Peoria, Arizona Here are some news and notes from my recent trip(s) to Peoria. There was much to see in the minor league camp, and though I was there to take care of business with the major league team, I still found plenty of time to check out the prospects and spend some moments in the back fields. These are just some notes, observations, and conversations I had during my…


Blake Hunt Interview- Early Adjustments Have Paid Dividends

October 14, 2017

In taking on this challenge to provide top-notch Padres’ content, I have been lucky enough to talk to numerous prospects. Many of these young men are excellent individuals, and their skills go far beyond the baseball field. Of all the prospects I keep in touch with, young catcher Blake Hunt is quickly becoming one of my favorites to converse with. The young man has an infectious craving for the game…


Blake Hunt Interview: Intangibles Galore

August 12, 2017

The San Diego Padres surprised many, as they selected high school catchers with two of their first three picks in the June draft. Luis Campusano was picked with the 39th selection (second-round pick) overall and Blake Hunt was drafted with the 69th pick (second competitive balance round) overall. Both are regarded as defensive-minded catchers with a strong likelihood to remain at the position. As a high school backstop, often it…


With #69 Pick the Padres Select Catching Prep Blake Hunt

June 12, 2017

  With their third selection on the night, the Padres took catcher, Blake Hunt. Yes, I know they already took a catcher with their second pick. But you can never figure out what A.J. Preller is up to. You just have to let it go. He, again, is a high-upside pick that should help solidify the Padres’ minor league system. The young man has all the tools for success and…