The Padres are Powered by Tacos, Faith & Trains

September 28, 2016

After I wrote a few times about the Taco Train this summer a friend called and said, “I’m enjoying your pieces, Scott, but why do you call it a Taco Train? Is it because San Diegans love Mexican food?” It was then I realized I hadn’t properly elucidated my thoughts about the Taco Train. So allow me to step back. The origination of the Taco Train does not derive from…


The Padres’ Taco Train Shall Not Be Derailed

September 20, 2016

The Taco Train Shall Not Be Derailed (or the Revenge of Roseanne Barr) July 25, 1990 was a great day in Padre history. Tony Gwynn, our beloved Mr. Padre, got five hits on that day, including two doubles, swiping a bag, with two RBI as the Padres swept a doubleheader from the first place Cincinnati Reds. Any day Tony got so much as a little bitty single is a great…


Padres’ Sermon from Petco Park

September 6, 2016

(with apologies to Yeshua of Nazareth) Blessed are Padres fans for they are poor in spirit and theirs shall be the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are the hardcore for they mourn 162 days of the year and they shall be comforted. Blessed are the rookies and the meek arriving shortly in San Diego for they shall inherit the Major Leagues. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for a Padre…


Padres’ Skipper Andy Green Provides “The Rub of the Green”

August 22, 2016

“He watches the game at a different speed than everybody else.” – A.J. Ellis, Dodger catcher and friend of Andy Green from their Kentucky days Early in the 2016 Padre season Wil Myers hit a home run v. the Phillies but was not in the lineup the next day. Manager Andy Green was asked about this in his pre-game news conference and responded it was just a day off to…


Padres Special: What the Taco Train Desperately Needs is Some Buzzards’ Luck

August 16, 2016

What the Taco Train desperately needs is some buzzards’ luck A couple of weeks ago Alex Dickerson was en fuego, having set a Padre rookie record by homering in four straight games. After a grueling 10 day road trip the Padres had a day off and then began a homestand the following day against the Reds. One of the major storylines of the night was whether Dickerson could continue his…


Padres Editorial: Redemption Song (A Tribute To Melvin Upton Jr.)

July 26, 2016

‘cause all I ever had Redemption songs –Bob Marley I couldn’t have been more stunned. To say I was skeptical would only scratch the surface of my bewilderment. A.J. Preller, aka “the gunslinger”, had traded for Craig Kimbrel on the eve of the 2015 season in exchange for a slew of prospects. In addition, he had seemingly been forced to take on the onerous contract, if not the onerous personhood,…


Padres Editorial: The “Taco Train” is Picking up Steam

July 24, 2016

So the Taco Train has left the station but unfortunately for those of you in a hurry, it is moving slowly. It is a SLOW Taco Train and will take a while to gather steam. Some of you fellow Dylan fans will catch my drift and like the original slow train, riding the Taco Train will indeed take some patience. Heck, I’ve been at this since the spring of ‘70…


Padres Editorial: Time to Eat, All Aboard the Taco Train

July 17, 2016

Yes all aboard the Taco Train!! Yea, sort of absurd image, but since almost everything about the history of the San Diego Padres has a surreal quality, I’m sticking with it. All aboard the Taco Train. In fact, it’s already left the station. Before we go any further, let’s take a step back, for this train had been broken for many years, left to the buzzards and the holy fools,…