The Curious Case of the 2017 San Diego Padres

January 8, 2017

  Spring training is just around the corner for the 2017 San Diego Padres along with the rest of the other 29 Major League Baseball clubs. In this article, I have some things about the 2017 San Diego Padres that I would like to think out loud about. This is an article that is 100% reliant on my thoughts and opinions rather than statistical analysis, so be forewarned! The Curious…


Five Small Stars in a Dark Sky – Christmas Hope for Padres Fans

December 10, 2016

Nobody at East Village Times has been a harsher critic of the San Diego Padres than I have. I have my reasons, and you can read about them in “A Reality Check on the Padres’ Future” and “Losing is a Disease.” I remain a staunch skeptic of the approach ownership is taking. After much deliberation, I reluctantly renewed my season tickets for another season—knowing I’m going to watch carnage on the field…


Padres PNO (Positives Negatives Outlook) Austin Hedges

November 22, 2016

The San Diego Padres have solid depth at the catching position presently, a position that is weak around the league. Derek Norris, Austin Hedges, Christian Bethancourt, and Hector Sanchez are all capable of starting a major league baseball game behind the dish. Norris is presently the starting catcher, but there are tons of rumors swirling that the Padres are looking to move him this off-season. If and when Norris is…


Things to Look Forward to in 2017: Luis Perdomo & His Progression

November 16, 2016

Luis Perdomo. A man who posted a 5.71 ERA in the 2016 season. Just how exciting can that be? His numbers make him look as promising as the original Luis Perdomo, the Padres pitcher from 2009. Well, he is the perfect example that stats do not tell the full story on just how good a player is or has the potential to be. Luis Perdomo started off as a Rule-5…


Implementing a 3-Man Rotation Would Put Padres WAY Ahead of the Curve

November 9, 2016

I am absolutely enamored with Andrew Miller. Yes, his talent is undeniable. One could make a case that his disappearing slider, paired with that exploding fastball, coming from a missile launcher attached to a lean and lanky 6’7” frame, could be rendered illegal in some states. However, beyond his lethal arsenal, I am far more enamored with his workload. When he was traded to the Cleveland Indians prior to the…


Should the Padres Bring Back Jon Jay in 2017?

November 5, 2016

It’s official. The 2016 Major League Baseball season is over. For a few clubs it will be a season to remember. For the San Diego Padres, save a few great moments, it was not the finest. I believe however, that 2016 will be remembered as the turning point during which the Padres’ strategy towards success finally became apparent. After the 2015 season, into the off-season and through the first half…


Losing is a Disease (A Padres Theme)

October 21, 2016

In 2016, the San Diego Padres went 68-94. They finished 23 games out of first place. Attendance was down 1,337 per game—a 8.25 decline%. TV ratings were down a league-leading 38%. Active payroll was just over 29 million at season’s end. Yesterday, the General Manager responsible for the team’s disastrous finish came back from a 30-day suspension for an ethics violation to find the team President, Mike Dee was fired….


Padres PNO (Positives/Negatives/Outlook) Ryan Schimpf

October 17, 2016

Though the 2016 San Diego Padres season has been brutal to watch as a whole, there have been numerous things that have been a positive. One of the most surprising and pleasant things about the season has been the emergence of Ryan Schimpf from seemingly out of nowhere. The rookie infielder/outfielder slugged 20 homers this season in 89 games for the Padres. He totaled a .869 OPS and a 130…


View Of The Current Padres’ Status From Across the Pond

October 14, 2016

The departure of San Diego Padres president and CEO Mike Dee on Wednesday put an exclamation point on another season for the San Diego Padres that you could well sum up in one word: Garbage. As a (very) long-suffering Padres fan, I’m well used to losing seasons. We’ve had 32 in our 48-year history. But this one in particular really stank. Perhaps the writing was on the proverbial wall in…


Analysis of Padres’ Organizational Philosophy

October 11, 2016

If you would like a detailed, possibly laborious, explanation of the Padres organizational philosophy, keep reading. If not, I’m sure there’s a reality TV show on somewhere. It is not often you call out someone in a blog post and then meet that someone face-to-face. I accused the San Diego Padres brass of changing course too often. They wanted to be a speed team, then a pitching team, then a…


Padres PNO (Positives/Negatives/Outlook) Yangervis Solarte

October 4, 2016

In 2016 the San Diego Padres have faced many adversities, but nothing the team has had to battle can compare to the year Yangervis Solarte has had. The Padres Venezuelan infielder recently lost his wife after a battle with Cancer. Her loss was deeply felt by the organization as well as all of Major League Baseball. You can only imagine how difficult this has been for Solarte as he is…


Padres’ Bethancourt in a Hybrid Role Next Season?

October 2, 2016

The San Diego Padres 2016 season has been full of ups and downs. Okay, well maybe there have been more negatives than positives, but a few moments do stick out as very memorable. On May 31 against the Seattle Mariners, Christian Bethancourt made his major league debut on the mound in a blowout loss. That moment was indeed memorable as nobody could have imagined how well he would look toeing…