Padres Editorial: Will Austin Hedges Ever Hit?

July 10, 2015

Hedges, Hedges, Hedges. For the last several years, Hedges has been one of the San Diego Padres most highly touted prospects and has long been called the Padres “Catcher of the future.” Despite this, even though they did trade away both Yasmani Grandal and Rene Rivera last offseason, the Padres still went out and got young catcher Derek Norris. If Hedges was so highly touted and was supposed to have…


Padres Editorial: How Important is Pitch Framing?

July 8, 2015

In recent years much has been made about pitch framing and it’s importance to both a catcher’s value and the pitching staff’s performance. With every year comes more and more advanced statistics that measure the performance of all sorts of players in all sorts of scenarios. With the advent of Pitch F/X in 2006, there is now more data about pitchers and pitch location/velocity/movement than ever before. With this influx…


Padres Rumors: The Case for Trading Will Venable

July 7, 2015

The San Diego Padres season obviously hasn’t gone as planned. AJ Preller made all sorts of off-season splashes that were supposed to propel the Padres into playoff contention. Injuries and struggles from many of those acquisitions has led the Padres to being 7 games out of the National League West right before the All Star Break. The Padres are quickly headed towards seller territory and that might realistically be the…


Padres Editorial: What’s Really Wrong with Matt Kemp?

July 4, 2015

For all intents and purposes, the acquisition of Matt Kemp from the Dodgers in the offseason has been a bit of a disaster for the San Diego Padres. Kemp has failed to produce to the level the Padres front office expected and in many ways has actually provided a negative value to the team. With the financial subsidy from the Dodgers ending next year, the Padres will be on the…


Padres Editorial: Brewer’s Banter

July 3, 2015

This is the first of a new weekly series where I will be ranting, raving, and discussing all the going ons in the baseball world over the past week. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim General Manager Situation Thought it would be fitting to lead off with the mess of a situation that is the Angels front office. The story goes like this: General Manager Jerry DiPoto and Manager Mike…


Padres Editorial: “Big Game” James or Big Time Bust?

June 27, 2015

Out of all the San Diego Padres off-season moves, the signing of James Shields to the largest contract in Padres history, at four years and 75 million, was perhaps the biggest splash of them all. The Padres had never thrown that much money at any player let alone one of the top pitchers of 2014 and the hottest arm on the free agent market. More so than any of the…


Padres Editorial: Why the Padres Don’t Need Justin Upton

June 25, 2015

Justin Upton came to town in a blockbuster December trade with the Atlanta Braves during last year’s winter meetings. The San Diego Padres gave up quite a few talented prospects to get Upton but he has lived up to all the expectations since coming to town. He has lead the Padres in almost every offensive category and is making his case for another all star game nod. With all this…


Padres Editorial: Trading Defense for Offense

June 25, 2015

The old adage goes “Pitching (or defense depending on who you ask) wins championships.” AJ Preller went into last offseason with the stated goal of improving the San Diego Padres historically abysmal offense in order to have a decent offense to go along with the Padres stellar pitching in the hopes of bringing a championship to San Diego. What Preller didn’t seem to consider is the associated cost of trading…


Padres Rumors: Which Padres Player is Getting Traded At the Deadline?

June 22, 2015

With the San Diego Padres continued mediocrity it seems more and more likely that some big changes will be coming to this team sooner rather than later. The trade deadline is always the perfect time for this kind of change. Come July, whether they want to be known as buyers or sellers, the Padres should, and most likely, will make at least one or two trades to either strengthen the…


Padres Editorial: The Logic of Using Position Players as Pitchers

June 19, 2015

As seen in the San Diego Padres game on Wednesday night when Alexi Amarista, using a position player to pitch is something that does sometimes occur in a blowout. It has actually happened quite frequently so far this week with six position players pitching in four different games on both Tuesday and Wednesday night. This strategy has been one that has long been employed but only in those rare games…


Padres Editorial: The Use of Closers in Non-Save Situations

June 18, 2015

On Tuesday afternoon in a game that was tied 5-5 going into the 9th inning, new San Diego Padres skipper Pat Murphy brought in the Padres closer Craig Kimbrel to keep the Athletics off the board and give the Padres bats a chance to win the game. Across baseball many coaches would agree that using your closer in a non-save situation to give your chance a team to win is…