Luis Urias Gives Padres Fans Much to be Excited About

October 16, 2016

At the age of 19, second baseman Luis Urias is quickly becoming a prime name to watch in the San Diego Padres system. For good reason, too. As the youngest player in the California League (until his teammate Josh Naylor arrived), Urias hit .330/.397/.440 with a .836 OPS for the Lake Elsinore Storm in 2016, en route to winning the California League MVP. He also had more walks (40) than…


Padres’ Anticipate the Return of Tyson Ross

August 24, 2016

Heading into the 2016 season at age 29, Tyson Ross was expected to further cement his role as the ace in the San Diego Padres rotation. Trade rumors regarding him swirled the previous summer and winter, but A.J. Preller never received an offer for him in which he thought the return would be “fair value”. Alas, he remained a Friar. Heading into Opening Day, Ross and the Padres were hoping…


Padres News: The Curious Case of Carter Capps

August 5, 2016

Let us pretend Colin Rea and Luis Castillo were not even in the Padres-Marlins deal headlined by Andrew Cashner, because, when all was said and done, they weren’t. Even with those two players eliminated from the trade, the Padres still received a very nice haul for Andrew Cashner. The centerpiece of the trade was 2015 first-round pick Josh Naylor, whose ceiling is probably a 25+ HR first baseman. The 19-year-old…


Padres Editorial: Brandon Maurer is Blossoming

August 3, 2016

Brandon Maurer‘s short career as a Padre has been anything but normal. Traded to the Padres in late 2014 for #FinalPiece Seth Smith, Maurer dazzled at times in 2015 before he was sidelined by shoulder inflammation in August. His fastball and wipeout “power slider” led to a 3.00 ERA, 3.31 FIP, and a low walk rate. These numbers, prior to injury, made him a tangible part in the Padres Maurer-Benoit-Kimbrel…


Padres Editorial: Is Hunter Renfroe Ready?

July 23, 2016

Amid a San Diego Padres farm system that has been torn down and built back up again in the past few years, one thing has remained constant: RF Hunter Renfroe. The 6′ 1″, 220 pound 24-year-old who was drafted 13th overall in the first round out of Mississippi has had an up and down road in the Padres system. He has never really put things together for an entire season–…


Padres Editorial: 10 Reasons Why Wil Myers is an All-Star

July 5, 2016

Wil Myers is All-Star worthy That sentence is probably not something that many San Diego Padres fans expected going into the 2016 season. He had a pretty good April, and then struggled a bit during May. However, since the beginning of June, he has been absolutely on fire, showcasing all five tools and putting himself within reach of a big league spotlight he hasn’t seen since he was named Rookie of…


Padres Editorial: Be Patient With Perdomo

June 6, 2016

In recent weeks, especially since the San Diego Padres have begun their slide into the N.L. West cellar, there seems to be an odd impatience with Luis Perdomo. The just-turned 23-year-old Perdomo, a Padres rule-5 drafted player, had never pitched above high-A ball before this season. If he were to be taken off of the big league roster, he would have to be offered back to his former team via rule-5…


Padres News: Jemile Weeks Intriguing Option for Friars

March 12, 2016

Unless you were born in a barn or have not paid any attention to the Padres so far this spring, you likely have heard the name “Jemile Weeks” mentioned quite a bit. The younger brother of former Brewers star Rickie Weeks, Jemile was signed to a minor league contract with a spring training invite during late January. The utility man has performed well thus far in the spring, with 6…


Padres News: Matt Kemp and His Defense a Concern for Padres

March 7, 2016

Matt Kemp was once a decent defender, but probably not as great as many would think. He has won two gold gloves in his career; one in 2009 and one in 2011. One could probably say that had his best defensive season in 2009, when he registered a 5.1 WAR in the outfield. Adding onto this, Kemp had a 3.1 UZR and a 3.7 UZR/150. That sounds good, until you see…


Padres News: The Wil Myers Conundrum

February 21, 2016

When A.J. Preller and the San Diego Padres traded for Wil Myers about 14 months ago, his position was not yet determined. Having already traded for Matt Kemp, the Padres were aware that Wil Myers would not be in right field. Right field was a position that Myers played the most in his first two big league seasons. The common thought at the time was that Myers would play left…


Padres Editorial: Yangervis Solarte a Viable Option at 3B?

January 24, 2016

When the Padres traded Chase Headley to the Yankees in July of 2014, many viewed the trade as a “dump” for them. Headley’s time in San Diego had passed and both sides needed to go in a different direction. In return for Headley, the Padres acquired Yangervis Solarte and Rafael De Paula. At the time, analysts viewed Solarte as an “old” rookie and De Paula as the main piece, with…


Padres News: Taking a closer look at Carlos Asuaje

January 11, 2016

When the Padres traded closer Craig Kimbrel last November, a lot of focus was on three out of the four prospects in the deal: Outfielder Manuel Margot, SS Javier Guerra, and LHP Logan Allen. One name that was overlooked and skimmed upon was utility infielder Carlos Asuaje. It is interesting that Asuaje has been overlooked so much, due in large part to the fact that it appears like he might…